The Riverside Choral Society, a non-profit performing arts organization run solely by committed volunteers, relies on the generous support of friends like you. Your tax-deductible gift underwrites performance and rehearsal costs, fees for professional orchestras, and the appearance of guest soloists.

We are fortunate and grateful for the commitment that our contributors have made over the years, and while income from ticket sales remains our largest source of support, we continue to rely on the generous annual gifts of friends like you.

Angel $1,000 or more
4 complimentary VIP tickets
2 per performance
Benefactor $500 - $999
2 complimentary VIP tickets
Patron $250 - $499
1 complimentary VIP ticket
$100 - $249
$50 - $99
to $49

Please make your check or money order payable to 'Riverside Choral Society' and mail it to the address below:

Riverside Choral Society
2585 Broadway # 244
New York, NY 10025